Addressing high unmet medical needs.

We have generated a robust pipeline of assets focusing our platform towards areas of high unmet medical needs, aiming to expand the impact of gene therapy.

Our lead program is in the area of immuno-oncology, with additional programs focused on diseases of the respiratory, urogenital, and gastrointestinal mucosal tissues.

About enGene's clinical trials

enGene is developing gene therapy products focusing on areas with significant unmet medical needs.

Currently, enGene is studying gene therapy candidates for immuno-oncology, respiratory health and other serious diseases. As patients are the core value of the company, our team strives to develop safe and effective gene therapies to significantly improve the quality of patients’ lives.  

Examining an investigational candidate through a clinical trial, a closely monitored and controlled research environment, creates an optimal setting in which we may gather a deeper understanding of safety and efficacy of our therapeutic agents. The resulting information is submitted to regulatory bodies for review as part of the application to permit the advancement of the therapy for broader use.  
In certain cases, access to investigational drugs outside of a clinical trial setting and prior to FDA approval may be sought through an expanded access program. Bringing therapies to patients in the safest and most responsible manner is our highest priority.

At this time, enGene does not have an expanded access program. We believe that participation in our ongoing clinical trial is the appropriate avenue for patients to access our therapy. To learn more about our trial, please visit -

If you have questions about participating in our clinical trial, we encourage you to speak with your physician.  

You can also contact us directly at .

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